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<<Italian-born artist Simona Candini embraces the darkness. Merging her love for manga and the Japanese aesthetic with the Italian masters that influenced her so heavily growing up, the result creates a dream-like image with a sinister undertone. Bringing together fairy tale elements and childlike imaginings to her canvas, she has recently started to translate her style to platform toys with great success>>

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Clutter Magazine, issue 40

Featured Art Throb by Beautiful.Bizarre 

About Simona Candini

Graduated at the Academy Of Fine Arts University of Bologna, Simona Candini, living in between Italy and USA, is working as a full time artist primarly within the pop surreal genre.

Her works, showcased in galleries around the globe, embody a beautiful yet sometimes dark world inhabited by big eyed girls and improbable creatures. With a stirring of emotions translated onto each new work of art, Simona brings her love of the old fairytales and childhood imaginings to us in a unique and poetic way. She is a traditional artist and enjoys using oils, watercolor, acrylics, graphite and pencils on paper, canvas and wood boards. Simona hand paints and personalize most frames to match her artworks and to make them unique as her art.